Hellow! is like Snapchat for your more precious moments

Hellow! is a free photo-sharing app for iOS that in practice is somewhat similar to Snapchat, but still clearly serves a different purpose. Photos don’t disappear until you manually delete them, and the ability to schedule when and where to send them means planning a thoughtful picture to share ahead of time is far more plausible. These additional features for photo management make it less geared for casual use and more toward meaningful use. Hellow! works on all iOS devices using iOS 7.0 or above.

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#lifeow is a celebration to encourage you to live spontaneously. Qualifications only blind us from our true potentials. The best way to move on is by laughing, don’t get attached, there’s a long way to go. Not falling into habits will help you keep an open mind. The only way to learn is by imitating and failing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they can open doors to exciting opportunities. Your imagination can be a very powerful tool, be creative in your own way. You’ll never have control of anything, is better to know how to improvise along the way. Don’t hold anything, express your feelings. Nurture, value and create relationships, they can open your eyes to a whole new perspective. Ask as many questions as you can, chase your curiosity it will show you your passion. As you find your uniqueness, you’ll find how simple and easy is to enjoy life. Making you start everyday with excitement of being alive.

Sharing will never be the same


Hellow announces the pre-launch campaign for its new photo-sharing app.

There’s a saying that “knights should relive past glories.” The truth is everyone should. Relive is such a big word; it takes people to another time, helps them discover new places, and links them to the people they met along the way.

Want to relive a moment? Hellow is a new photo-sharing app that allows friends to share memories they don’t want to forget. Like many other photo-sharing apps, it helps capture a moment, but let users specify when they want to share it.

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